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About Us

In 2005 the first Canadian horseback Archery event was organized in Mt. Currie, British Columbia, by local enthusiast Robert Borsos.

A club was formed in 2006 (Borsos Torzs Horseback Archery Club), and the requirements were met to join the Kassai School of Horseback Archery.
Growth of the sport in the first 10 years was sporadic and slow, with only 1 club representing all of Canada at local and international events.

In the past few years, interest and participation in Mounted Archery has exploded. 

Now there are clubs and individual members all across the country, with many people expressing interest in learning this exciting and vibrant sport.

We continue to make links with other international mounted archery associations, including the Kassai Horsearchery Open Worldcup (KHOW), the World Horseback Archery Federation (WHAF), International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHHA), and Mounted Archery of the Americas (MA3).