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Welcome to the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery

CFMA Mission

To provide education, training, competitions, rankings and opportunity to all Canadians interested in exploring and mastering the amazing sport of mounted archery. To regulate and enforce safe practice and to uphold the highest integrity for both the athletes and the horses. 

Learn more about the CFMA: 

The CFMA is the Canadian Mounted Archery governing body. We provide leadership, training, guidance, and affiliations with world wide competition opportunities and ranking systems. Our affiliations include:

We offer different types of memberships to meet your specific needs. Our memberships include access to international and domestic ranking systems and competitions, club liability insurance, training, clinics, and instructor opportunities, as well as access to current events, clinics and opportunities in the Horseback Archery world.

Horseback Archery is a sport that is accessible to almost everyone. Whether you are practicing standing traditional archery, or looking to compete in the highest ranking of international mounted archery, there is a great deal of self expression and self discipline to be gained. Both archery and horseback riding are disciplines of focus, passion, and presence. The combination of the 2 sports can open the heart and mind.

Looking to get started?

We are growing federally and have affiliated clubs nation wide offering Mounted archery training and practice. Discover a training centre near you.

Keep up to date with upcoming clinics, events, and world wide competitions. There's always something exciting happening. Don't miss out on any events. Check out our Events page and keep up to date by joining our email list (coming soon).

Thank you for visiting the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery Website. We hope to share, train, and compete with you in 2019. 

We are here to help you on your journey. Please contact us anytime for more information.

Cheers to a 2019 full of excitement, growth, and safety. 

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Robert Borsos, Whistler, BC



Vice President

Donat Koller, Salmon Arm, BC




Douglas Goodwin, Edgewater, BC



Secretary, Social Media

Steph Laversin, Aldergrove, BC


IHAA Rep/  Marketing

AJ Bridges-Contois, Wyebridge, ON


Coaching and Safety

Lance Bishop, Canning, Nova Scotia